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Dear Coach Joan: Career Advice

Joan is a prolific writer who has published over 100 articles with expert insights, helpful ideas, recommendations, and strategies to put on the leading edge of career know-how.

Learn the latest best practices on getting, managing, growing and transitioning your career for optimal success in a competitive and fast-moving market!

Benefit from the combined wisdom of Joan’s 20+ year successful corporate career plus the 10+ years as founder and principal of Great in 8 Coaching; working with clients on a daily basis.

“Joan is masterful at career empowerment. She brings tremendous insight, knowledge and dedication to her work and focuses, laser-like, on YOU. Joan is amazing, and I’ve returned to her at several career crossroads. I’ve recommended three people to her, and they have all benefitted tremendously. You definitely want a career partner with Joan’s passion and energy—she is a motivating force, indeed!!”

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Ripple effect in the job search

Dear Readers, I’ve got to share with you updates from a current job seeking client, let’s call her Valerie.  She writes that after an informational