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How do I transition from temporary to permanent employment?

Dear Coach Joan, After a year of temping I have finally found a position I really like in an excellent company that is both close to home and in a growing industry. I have been there for three months so far, and I see that there are permanent employees at the company doing similar jobs to […]

How to Explain a Messy Departure and Plan Your References

Dear Coach Joan, I left my last position voluntarily, but not happily, as I really did not respect or get along with the organization’s new executive director. I had enjoyed my position at the non profit  for eight  years and built up many supportive relationships both in the agency and  with vendors, partners and supporters. I am now actively […]

How to Re-Build Career Confidence

Dear Joan, I read your blog about how to avoid being laid off but the timing was a bit awkward as I had been laid off the week before your article came out. As you might imagine, I am pretty down as I didn’t expect to lose my job and now. I find myself doubting my abilities and judgements. Can you suggest […]

Negotiating for a New Job And Getting What You Want

Dear Coach Joan, I’ll be graduating from college next semester and have already begun on-campus interviewing. I was completely caught off guard when at the end of my first interview  I  was asked what it would take for the company to hire me! I didn’t see that question coming and  I didn’t know what to say. […]