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ReVitalment™ is the newest avenue for Great in 8 Coaching. Many of Joan’s coaching clients have talked about their transition to later stage of life and they brought many questions and uncertainties. They did not see a clear roadmap forward and did not relate to society’s retirement paradigm.

Joan researched this topic for several years and interviewed over 100 people who were successfully navigating and finding their way toward fulfillment post primary career. The insights she came away with let to her new paradigm that she named ReVitalment™, which better represents the vitality, good health and positive opportunities for this new stage of life.

Yes, we Baby Boomers are pioneers entering into a new territory. It is our manifest destiny and Joan has created the building blocks and process to serve as a map to guide us through to the creation of personalized plans to make the most of our time, energies, wisdom, talent and interests.

She wrote her new book, BUILDING BLOCKS FOR THE NEW RETIREMENT: The 8 step guide for a NEW Retirement with meaning, purpose, and fun. Joan has created ReVitalment Workshops as people have asked her for them; where she facilitates groups of people to go thru the workbook together, leveraging  and sharing ideas. The first ReVitalment Workshop is on Oct, 2018 in Santa Rosa.

Joan is now a sought after expert on the topics of ReVitalment and life transitions. She is featured on TV, radio, podcasts and blogs throughout the country. Go to the ReVitalment News section to learn more.

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Joan’s books are concise and interactive, efficient and effective. They start with clear explanations of best practice strategies, then provide examples, and finally offer questions and exercises where you apply the information to your unique situation.

The books are attractive, colorful, workbook style—filled with imagery and textured with quotes, sometimes humorous, sometimes  wise, always relevant.

Joan specializes in a positive, effective, efficient style that gets people results. Her books are typically 5star rated on

Jump in and get yourself ready to develop a powerful action plan for your new retirement or for a focused job search.

You can use Building Blocks for the New Retirement or Great in 8: Job Seeking Skills as stand-alone ‘seminar in a book’ or as a part of one-one-on coaching with Joan. Listen to the below podcast of Joan reading from the book:


Ready for your New Retirement?

Ready for Your New Job?

Greatin8: Job Seeking Skills is designed as a ‘seminar in a book’. You’ll enjoy reading it and participating. In just 2-3 hours you will have a powerful action plan for your job search!


Book Reviews

Building Blocks for the New Retirement–An Easy, Interactive 8-Step Guide for a Retirement with Meaning, Purpose and Fun by Joan Tabb

by Patricia Gale—June 10, 2018

Among those in the Baby Boomer generation now winding down careers, many are eagerly anticipating retirement. But for others, the prospect of being free to do just as they choose is cause for anxiety. How will they fill all that time on their hands? Joan Tabb’s new book, Building Blocks for the New Retirement: An Easy, Interactive 8-Step Guide for a Retirement with Meaning, can help.



Building Blocks for the New Retirement: An Easy, Interactive 8-Step Guide for a Retirement with Meaning, Purpose and Fun by Joan Tabb

by BuyBooksPro

An interactive, step-by-step guide that helps those on the brink of retirement chart a course to a purposeful and meaningful next stage of life.

If leaving the stability of a regular 9-to-5 job causes you anxiety over potentially facing a lack of purpose, Joan Tabb’s new book, Building Blocks for the New Retirement, will calm your fears and give you an action plan to make the most out of your newfound freedom.


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Building Blocks for the New Retirement

“In a single afternoon you can go from confused and worried to confident and energized with a vital plan for your later years.”

Roxanna Dunn
Retired Manager, Hewlett Packard

“What a wonderful book! It fills an important niche, offering a unique and concise map to travel this important adult passage—a life phase often overlooked.”

Kathy Allard, Ph.D.
clinical psychologist

“Building Blocks is the fast track to planning a vibrant life after your working years. It makes introspection easy and effective.”

Leslieanne Hopkins
retired CPA

“This is a must-have for anyone even contemplating retirement. It’s the perfect gift for the hardworking baby boomers I know.”

Susan Woog Wagner
semi-retired photographer

“Building Blocks for the NEW Retirement makes me feel respected, vital and capable—not old! In a few years I can now see myself stepping into a time for opportunity and growth.”

Helen Effron
nurse practitioner

“Perfect timing! People of a ‘certain age’ are facing the reality of longer life. This book will enhance anyone’s life willing to use self-examination and the power of intention.”

John Heide
novelist, semi-retired in real estate

“Building Blocks for the NEW Retirement is well researched and well written. I love the examples and the ‘read, learn and do’ style to actually get us moving to the next phase of life.”

Mike Owen
semi-retired senior manager, Redwood Credit Union

Great in 8: Job Seeking Skills

“If you can’t have Joan as a career coach, at least buy her book. She’s amazing, and these practices really do work! My job search took less than half the time it would have taken otherwise. I was super prepared, connected, positive, and structured, and thanks to Joan, I knew how to keep myself upbeat.”

Coaching Client

“These techniques are what’s truly needed in a tough job market. And unlike other job search books, it’s SHORT. That means I can put it into ACTION right away!”

Coaching Client

“If you need a job, BUY THIS BOOK NOW and use it! If you follow the strategies, you’ll be way ahead of the pack.”

Coaching Client