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Interview Tips for the Shy and Introverted

Dear Coach Joan, It was delightful meeting you on the plane when we were both flying East. And thank you for suggesting that I write in with my concern. My husband is an engineer and in the last few years he’s worked as a contractor which has required him to interview for new positions quite frequently. […]

Can I now get stoned at work?

Dear Coach Joan, Now that pot has been legalized in California, can we light up at work? It might make work a whole lot more fun! Best, Johnny Dear Johnny, Per this week’s passage of Proposition 64, adults in California can now lawfully consume marijuana for fun and people age 21 and up can now […]

French Laundry lawsuit – Why you always should put agreements in writing

Dear Readers, Many of you have  read the recent lawsuit against the upscale restaurant in Napa, The French Laundry. Thomas Keller, the owner of the restaurant is being sued by an employee who worked for him at his NY restaurant who had a verbal offer to move to California and work for him here. But […]

Do I need a written job offer?

Dear Coach Joan, The good news is that I just got a job offer after a long, six month job search. I am in professional sales with a strong track record, but have a 10 year gap due to taking time to raise my children, while doing part time work in a family business. Many prospective employers gave […]