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The newest offering from Great in 8 Coaching is REVITALMENT!  This refers to a new period of adult life when we are ending our primary career or having life altering events that significantly change our lives. We are still energetic and productive. In fact, we are living vitally decades longer than our parents and grandparents! It is a new time of opportunity! It is a time for new beginnings and we need to reflect and focus on a thoughtful, intentional, multi-dimensional process, leading to an action plan to make the most of our later adult years. That is where Joan’s new book and workshops come in:

Building Blocks for the New Retirement: An easy, interactive 8-step guide to for a later life with meaning, purpose and fun!

REVITALMENT! Workshops begin Fall 2018. The first one is Saturday, October 20. Call for more information and to sign up.

Career and Executive Coaching – The core of Great in 8 Coaching

The world of work and careers is fast moving, ever changing and complex. To navigate through the sea of opportunities and challenges can be daunting. And that’s where a professional career coach can be of help; especially a proven expert like Joan, who has coached hundreds of people to new levels of insight, impact and work fulfillment.

“Joan is masterful at career empowerment. Unlike other coaches, she looks at the big picture of you—your career is her entry point, but she gets to know all of you; where you’ve been, your roads not taken, and she clarifies and works with you on strategies to move you forward with purpose and results. Joan is a highly intuitive communications expert, strategic business advisor, marketing whiz, training professional, and employment guide all in one…a coach extraordinaire!”

—Alan Hoefer, Director, Frost and Sullivan

Whether you are looking for a better position, to transition in a new direction, leverage a new degree or build skills and knowledge, Great in 8 Coaching can help you achieve momentum by building a structured approach with purpose and accountability.

Joan brings a distinctive background with 20+ years of corporate leadership, Apple, 3Com, Intel and notable startups, plus a decade focused exclusively on all aspects of career development and management.

Come explore this unique and proprietary approach which focuses on just the skills, knowledge and strategies you need to reach your goals, working from the inside out, and building on your specific values, strengths and capabilities.


About Great in 8 Coaching

At Great in 8 Coaching, we team with you to dramatically improve your performance by intentionally, personally decoding your personal “career DNA” and then structure an accountability ­based process for improving results.

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Our Services

The core offering of Great in 8 Coaching is individual one-on-one career empowerment.

If you are interested in getting better results as an individual or for your entire organization, let Joan Tabb of Great 8 Coaching help you quickly achieve your goals of improving how you approach work—and how you approach new opportunities.

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About Joan Tabb, M.A

Career Coach Joan Tabb

Joan brings a 20+ year dynamic Silicon Valley career to Great in 8 Coaching, starting with a decade in management at leading Fortune 500 companies, Apple, Intel, 3Com and several notable start-ups, and a decade running a successful marketing and communications business before dedicating her professional life to the field of career development.

Joan invests deeply in each and every client. She will help you to identify and build on your strengths, identify opportunities for further development, and mitigate weaker areas and illuminate blind spots. Together you’ll navigate as a team. You will get the preparation you need to succeed.

The results speak for themselves. Great in 8 clients report that Joan is an “out of the box” thinker who’s always eager to share her strategy-packed tool chest. She has a love and passion for empowering people, so watch out, because her positive attitude is known to be contagious.

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What Our Clients Say:

Alex Kane

“I highly recommend Joan to anyone who is looking to move forward in their career! She is an amazing person! Her coaching helped me redirect my work experiences into the career I have wanted my whole life, even when I wasn’t aware of it.”

Kerri Mesa

“It is rare to come across a talent like Joan! She has the unique ability to know just when to bolster your sense of personal empowerment and confidence throughout the roller coaster ride of a new career search.”

Kevin Lufkin

“Working with Joan is an investment that will hold good for your entire career and lifetime. Simply what she taught me about negotiations paid for itself many times over!”