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Dear Prospective Coaching Client,

I love seeing people’s drive, talents and desire to do more, be more, and bring more of an impact to their careers and their lives. To use what’s in you, nothing is more fulfilling and for me to be a part of that, is exhilarating. My mission truly is: To bring the BEST of YOU to work!
I love seeing people have those aha moments when we find out their true drivers and values, have the chance to use their ideas and skills while identifying blind spots and self limiting ideas that have been holding them back.And it’s fabulous to  build individual, powerful and doable performance plans for success.
Just as 100% of professional athletes use coaches to enhance their performance, over 75% of business and industry leaders also use coaches to enhance their career performance. Let’s face it, we live from the inside out, we cannot see ourselves as others see us. And with the experienced eyes and ears of a top coach, you get candid and valuable feedback that expedites your growth as you know what to focus on and how to do it.
I came to Silicon Valley in 1983 with a fresh master’s degree in training. I landed my first job as Training Manager at Memorex and was recruited to Apple. I did award winning training at Apple then moved to 3Com to build 7 worldwide marketing programs. After a 20 yr corporate leadership career I found that the most rewarding part of my job was developing and empowering my staff. I love seeing people’s drive, talents and desire to do more, be more, and bring more of an impact to their careers and their lives. To use what’s in you, nothing is more fulfilling and for me to be a part of that, is exhilarating. My mission truly is: To bring the BEST of YOU to work!

Unlike most career coaches, with Joan, you get a coach and a trainer, and someone who has sat in the hiring seat, as a manager, leader, and builder of teams. I know what employers are looking for, and I help you build yourself as an ideal candidate.

Launching Great in 8 Coaching 

In 2008 when the economy sank, I had my chance to pivot to coaching others full time. I built community employment networks and helped leverage the well employed to help the unemployed but skilled people. And from that work I wrote my first book, Great in 8 Job Seeking Skills after observing the 8 states that separated the good from the great job seekers. That explains the name Great in 8 Coaching, based on the 8 differentiators.
Congresswoman Jackie Speier then connected with my work and had me as the keynote and seminar leader for her JOB HUNTER BOOT CAMPS held in San Mateo that helped hundreds of people get back to work.
My passion for coaching only grew as I joined the Harvard Coaching Institute and developed myself further as both a career and executive coach.

"I would highly recommend Joan as an executive coach for any mid-to-senior level professional who is at a critical career juncture…Joan operates as a true partner—she’ll keep you “on your toes” and share with you proven leadership development strategies that will better help you maintain your “A game” while navigating the complex and challenging professional relationships that increasingly reflect today’s highly complex and competitive corporate environs.”

"Joan is a Master-level Coach whose experience and guidance at the executive level is eye-opening. If you truly aspire to reach your goals and be more effective and fulfilled at work, engage with Joan Tabb. Joan doesn't pull punches, she's direct, intuitive and brilliant in being your guide, your partner - be prepared to push yourself to the next level, together."

Again, my passion is to empower my clients. I use a proprietary approach I’ve developed over the years to quickly and effectively get us on the same page understanding YOU..your key strengths, driver, values skills and aspirations. We also determine areas that need growth and work to address those things.

We build a plan of ACTION.

What all of my successful clients have in common is willingness to work hard, openness to see themselves clearly, commitment to doing the work and following through on a plan of action.
Might you and I be a good fit?
If you are looking for a new job, to change careers, leverage a new credential, navigate a tough political environment, re-enter a workplace, move to a new location or just seeking self awareness so you can advance and move forward with more intentionality….
You also might want to read through over 100 articles on many, many career related topics that I wrote for the Press Democrat as Dear Coach Joan: Career Advice. You might get some good tips and ideas!
Let’s bring the BEST of YOU to work!
Joan Tabb, M.A.

Define your goals, create your action plan, and work with Joan to pursue and achieve your goals.

More than a Coach

Your Personal Guide to Career Knowledge, Skills, and Navigation

I’ve helped 100s of people in navigating their career and given seminars to 1000s and written two books and 100+ blog articles… all giving me the insights, patterns, knowledge and perspective to help you.

I’ve also been a corporate leader/manager and have hired, fired, and built teams at large and small companies.

Along with my 15+ years as a coach, there is a good chance I can help YOU!

From top execs to college launchers, I’ve worked with people at every career stage.

Let’s have a phone conversation to see if I can help you.

(650) 759 7386 or [email protected] to schedule.

“Joan quickly saw what was blocking my success and honed in on teaching me the exact skills I needed. Her help was invaluable. Joan is a top notch career coach. I know I’ll return to her again and again as my career develops. She’s a lucky find!”


Joan has worked extensively as a strategic coach with start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. She uses her corporate leadership experience, coaching skills, and creativity to help executives realize their full potential and to develop an action plan to address the challenges they face.

Joan brings a 20+ year dynamic Silicon Valley career to Great in 8 Coaching, starting with a decade in management at leading companies, including Apple, Intel, 3Com, and several notable start-ups, and a decade running a successful marketing and communications business before dedicating her professional life to the field of career development.

Joan with a copy of her first book, Great in 8: Job Seeking Skills based on the eight factors that separate the GOOD from the GREAT job seekers and the reason for the name of her practice, GREAT IN 8 Coaching.

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