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Strategic Career Development: Because no one teaches you this in school!

You are probably on the web site because you have a career issue; often clients come to me when they are dealing with difficult managers, peers, politics, frustration with getting a job, getting promoted, dealing with complex issues, or life transitions impacting work. 

Did you know that 70% of the time when there’s a separation between employee and employer, it has nothing to do with the job skills and everything to do with relationship and people issues?

That’s where a seasoned and experienced coach like me comes in – to work with you 1:1, to understand your unique situation, your unique set of strengths, values and goals and to identify your gaps. To help build awareness, skills, and a roadmap for career development, advancement and success.

Why go it alone when you can have an experienced expert by your side guiding you for career and life transitions?

“Joan is everything I could ask for in a career coach: insightful, inspiring, and most of all, effective."

Irene Suzuki

Define your goals, create your action plan, and work with Joan to pursue and achieve your goals.

More than a Coach

Your Personal Guide to Career Knowledge, Skills, and Navigation

I’ve helped 100s of people in navigating their career and given seminars to 1000s and written two books and 100+ blog articles… all giving me the insights, patterns, knowledge and perspective to help you.

I’ve also been a corporate leader/manager and have hired, fired, and built teams at large and small companies.

Along with my 15+ years as a coach, there is a good chance I can help YOU!

From top execs to college launchers, I’ve worked with people at every career stage.

Let’s have a phone conversation to see if I can help you.

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“Joan quickly saw what was blocking my success and honed in on teaching me the exact skills I needed. Her help was invaluable. Joan is a top notch career coach. I know I’ll return to her again and again as my career develops. She’s a lucky find!”


Joan has worked extensively as a strategic coach with start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. She uses her corporate leadership experience, coaching skills, and creativity to help executives realize their full potential and to develop an action plan to address the challenges they face.

Joan brings a 20+ year dynamic Silicon Valley career to Great in 8 Coaching, starting with a decade in management at leading companies, including Apple, Intel, 3Com, and several notable start-ups, and a decade running a successful marketing and communications business before dedicating her professional life to the field of career development.

Joan with a copy of her first book, Great in 8: Job Seeking Skills based on the eight factors that separate the GOOD from the GREAT job seekers and the reason for the name of her practice, GREAT IN 8 Coaching.

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