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Client Success Stories

Great in 8 Coaching is not just theory. It is applied practice—ACTION and RESULTS.

“If you’re in a career transition, the best thing you can do is hire a career coach. Once you make that decision, I have two words for you: Joan Tabb… I cannot recommend Joan’s Great in 8 Coaching program highly enough.”

Visual Designer, User Experience at Restoration Hardware

Coaching to Improve Manager and Employee Relations

After seven years at his law firm Ralph was frustrated with his new manager, Susan. Intent on making partner track he was shocked and disappointed to have received the first negative performance review of his career. It cited poor communication skills. He couldn’t understand it because he had consistently received positive feedback from past managers. He was so distraught that he considered leaving the firm. Instead, he turned to a career coach.
“It’s amazing that I didn’t see what was going on. I played the blame game and didn’t even consider the notion of management styles. I learned a lot about myself in the process. And to think that I almost gave up on a seven year track record of hard work! Joan gave me powerful insights and skills that I will use throughout my career.” —Ralph

Translating College Success into Career Success

Phil graduated from a distinguished university with a double major in aeronautical and mechanical engineering. He spent his first post-college year reading technical textbooks, tutoring, and answering the occasional online job posting. He came to career coaching with plenty of motivation, but no clear idea how to get started.
“Joan, I could never have done this without your fantastic advice, training, and encouragement. My sister will be your client when she graduates next spring. My parents think you’re a miracle worker. So do I!” —Phil

Entrepreneur Transitions Back to Corporate World

After five years of running her own interior design business, Lisa was ready for change. After a decade in corporate finance, the excitement and freedom she felt being an entrepreneur had lost its allure and as the recession hit clients became scarce.
“Joan is meant for this work. She’s a natural coach and clearly an expert in her field. Plus, she really cares. Working with Joan is the best career investment I’ve ever made.” — Lisa

Leveraging an MBA Degree

John, in his late 20s, completed his MBA in international business from a top 10 school. Yet, six months after graduation, while half of his graduating class had secured jobs, he was still unemployed. John had taken out sizable loans for his MBA program and was concerned with his inability to begin to pay them back.
“Joan quickly saw what was blocking my success and honed in on teaching me the exact skills I needed. Her help was invaluable. Joan is a top notch career coach. I know I’ll return to her again and again as my career develops. She’s a lucky find!”

Professional Questions Her Career Direction

Susan had just resigned from her job at a “dysfunctional start-up,” as she described it. Bored and frustrated, she said she quit because the company was a mess and her manager was incompetent. She felt that her corporate marketing career had reached a dead end and that she needed to look into changing fields entirely.

“Joan is amazing. I was ready to give up my entire corporate career due to a faulty understanding of myself and my capabilities. Now I see myself clearly as an executive, contributing at a strategic level. I can’t recommend Joan highly enough as an intuitive, brilliant coach. She is made for this work.”

Mom Goes Back to Work

After 12 years of focusing on her two sons, Kathy decided it was time to go back to work. She had been an event marketing professional but when she had a family, she let go of most of her professional network. She now felt disconnected, older and a world away from work. She had trouble remembering when she had been competent and confident.
“Joan is a superb coach! She helped me transform from a stay-at-home mom to a confident career woman once again! Joan is wise, insightful and so motivating. She combines the best in business expertise, skill building and constructive, positive coaching.”

Who Moved My Cheese?

Peter had lost the spark of excitement and enthusiasm he once had as an executive. For the last year he was uncharacteristically low energy and basically saw his work as ‘more of the same’. The thrill was gone.
“I thought my days as an energizing force were over, but thanks to the Great in 8 Coaching I have found my youthful drive and passion once again!”