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Coaching for Professionals

Work with Joan Tabb

Get an expert by your side to quickly get the insights, resources and skills you need to build your career momentum. Standing still means falling behind. Career fitness means ongoing development and lifelong learning. Great in 8 Coaching helps you identify blind spots and challenges that are impediments to your career development. We focus on quickly getting you up to speed. 

Clients range from executives looking for a strategic thinking and coaching partner, to mid career transitioners looking for clarification and fresh ways to apply their talents. Joan provides a seasoned eye and ear to help them identify their strengths and blindspots and addresses gaps in their way of moving forward.

Customized Coaching Programs

The Great in 8 Program is always customized to your individual needs and goals and is developed using a proven methodology.

Work directly with Joan over a course of three to six months depending on your custom program. You’ll meet weekly in the beginning, then transition to bi-weekly meetings with email and phone support as you begin implementing your assignments and taking action towards your goals.

You’ll begin with initial assignments to assess skills, strengths, values, interests, goals, and blind spots or specific challenges. These assignments map out your plan of action, which may include skill-building, research, new positioning, interviewing, and network development.

Over the course of your program you’ll develop a robust inner toolbox with new insights and self awareness as well as an outer toolbox of new knowledge, skills, and strategies that will enable you to progress towards your goals.

Skill based services and training:

  • Preparing powerful positioning and tools for the job search
  • Dynamic Interviewing
  • Expert presentation and communication skills
  • Powerful negotiating skills
  • Proven time management
  • Strategic ways to manage your manager
  • Powerful influence skills
  • Building your reputation and impact for promotion
  • Developing your professional network
  • Leadership development
  • Focusing on work / life balance

Advanced Skill Building for Executives:

  • Team building
  • Facilitating group processes
  • Leadership and management skills
  • Dynamic interviewing
  • Building employee development programs
  • Influence skills
  • Managing in a complex environment
  • Managing across cultures and age groups
  • Managing difficult employees
  • Producing roll-out plans & scripts

The Great in 8 Coaching Approach

Joan developed a unique, proprietary approach that works! It is based on her experience launching and reinventing hundreds of people to new career heights. Naturally, it has 8 aspects!



We ensure that you are fully prepared. self-aware, and that your intentions are aligned with your actions, before you reach out to any contacts or influencers. You often get just one chance to make a great impression!



We build structure, with assignments and deadlines into your process to ensure your forward momentum. We’ve found that ALL clients need and benefit from a structured plan.



We identify and create awareness of your blind spots and provide work-arounds and skills, where necessary. It’s vital to become aware of your knowledge and skill gaps so they can be adequately addressed and not hold you back.



We employ the powerful, research-based principles of positive psychology, based on the work by noted psychology professor Dr. Martin Seligman. We identify and build on your proven capabilities, reinforce and leverage your strengths throughout the coaching process. And a positive, optimistic approach is Joan’s natural and chosen style of coaching!



We include assessments and training on relevant knowledge, strategies and skills you need to gain career perspective, practice and momentum.



We help you work through negative past experiences so they will not jeopardize your career growth and/or bring any unhelpful negative emotions to your future opportunities. Yet, Joan is not a psychologist, and for any serious emotional issues, she will refer you to a mental health professional.


BEST PRACTICES IN ADULT LEARNING (including the 4 quadrant learning process)

This is the teach, practice, feedback loop which is always employed in any skill-based training and role playing. We also only focus on topics and strategies that are relevant to you in reaching your goals.



We create ongoing development plans for you in the areas of lifelong learning and people-network management. To be competitive in today’s world, every successful professional needs to have a disciplined commitment to knowledge, growth and people connections, ongoing.