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We Make Mistakes at Work. Then What?

Dear Readers, This is a sticky topic and one that most people prefer to stay away from: Errors at Work. We all make errors; they are part of normal human functioning. We are not error-free beings. But the magnitude of the mistake and how it is perceived and responded to by our bosses,  managers or supervisors, […]

3 Do’s and Don’ts for Work Emails

Dear Readers, Like you, I probably get over 50 emails a day. And after years and year of receiving and writing emails and hearing feedback from clients,  I see a pattern of what works and what doesn’t work with emails. Here goes: Make it Short – If it is a long, complicated message, consider a […]

Career coach as fortune teller?

Dear Readers, today I  got a call from a reader asking if I could help her figure out her next career step. She is 55, facing job loss, and after decades in the financial sector, would like to start in a whole new kind of work. The funny part was when she asked  if I […]