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Viewing posts from: June 2015

Can You Learn to be Happy?

by Joan Tabb in Blog

(Note: Typically I write my own blog articles but I just had to share this article, written by someone whom I respect and learn from, Tal Ben-Sahar, PhD—enjoy his article! I base much of my coaching approach on his work, and Dr. Seligman’s work, in positive psychology. Joan Tabb, M.A.)

Recent scientific studies and scholarly research have reached some startling conclusions about what makes people happy. To help understand how you can use this information, we spoke to Harvard lecturer and best-selling author Tal Ben-Shahar, PhD. Each semester, more than 800 Harvard students register for his life-changing class on positive psychology. Students explore the question How can we help ourselves and others to become happier? The students read academic journal articles, test ideas, share personal stories and, by the end of the year, emerge with a clearer understanding of what psychology can teach us about leading happier, more fulfilling lives.
Is a person just “born happy” or “born unhappy”?

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