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There are Ways and There are Ways…Professional Associations

I love talking to my clients about how to work with professional associations. I love how their eyes start to widen and as they absorb the logic behind what I am suggesting, yet the surprise that they hadn’t naturally thought to do this. Well, as the title says, there are ways and there are ways… […]

What Positive Psychologists Won’t Tell You Re:Emotions

(I wanted to share a fascinating new article by an eminent positive psychologist whose work I follow. I incorporate many of the applied research findings in positive psychology to my Great in 8 Coaching Practice.  —Joan)   by Dr. Biswas-Diener   Happiness is an easy sell to most people, and within positive psychology circles it trumps […]

Cheers to a New Year and Another Chance to Get it Right!

That sentiment, though shared by me, was written by quite a successful woman who all of you (unless you’ve been living under a rock) will recognize—Oprah Winfrey. And you know, if you listen to Oprah’s stories, she didn’t always get it right, and she certainly had many obstacles and difficulties in her path, as most […]