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Viewing posts from: April 2015

There are Ways and There are Ways…Professional Associations

by Joan Tabb in Blog

I love talking to my clients about how to work with professional associations. I love how their eyes start to widen and as they absorb the logic behind what I am suggesting, yet the surprise that they hadn’t naturally thought to do this.

Well, as the title says, there are ways and there are ways…
The typical way of getting involved with professional associations during the job search process is to:

1) Find the professional associations in your field and see if there are local chapters.

2) Look at the local chapter’s web site and see if there are coming meetings, seminars, workshops or conferences that look to be of interest to you.

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What Positive Psychologists Won’t Tell You Re:Emotions

by Joan Tabb in Blog

(I wanted to share a fascinating new article by an eminent positive psychologist whose work I follow. I incorporate many of the applied research findings in positive psychology to my Great in 8 Coaching Practice.  —Joan)


by Dr. Biswas-Diener


Happiness is an easy sell to most people, and within positive psychology circles it trumps just about everything else. People want to feel pleasure and avoid pain. In fact, research from international samples shows that people highly desire happiness. They prize it as much as they do other shiny outcomes such as being rich, falling in love, and getting into heaven. My own cross-cultural research suggests that most people are mildly happy most of the time. One of the most frequently cited papers in the field-by Sonja Lyubomirsky and her colleagues-demonstrates that feeling frequent positive emotion is associated with all sorts of health, relationship and workplace advantages. While this information is pretty standard fare for folks who are familiar with positive psychology it does little to make a place for negative emotions. A tour of web sites and blogs related to positive psychology reveals a focus on happiness and very little discussion of the “darker emotions.” So here’s a bit of information that I am guessing will be new to you:

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Cheers to a New Year and Another Chance to Get it Right!

by Joan Tabb in Blog

That sentiment, though shared by me, was written by quite a successful woman who all of you (unless you’ve been living under a rock) will recognize—Oprah Winfrey.

And you know, if you listen to Oprah’s stories, she didn’t always get it right, and she certainly had many obstacles and difficulties in her path, as most of us have.

But I love the idea that the new year marks a break and a new beginning…a new chance to do things differently and do things better.

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