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Today’s job search check list is a bit different than yesterday’s and that awareness came to me when I thought to ask my mother how she got her first job out of college in 1949. She said, ‘simple’. She had a degree in  political science from a noted university but because her name was ‘Marilyn’ and not, say “Michael’, her choices were quite limited. In fact, no matter what her degree had been the key question that an interviewer would pose was, “How fast do you type?”

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(Please note: This is written by Dr. Robert Diswas-Diener and I just had to pass it along. He is the author of another piece I’ve included in my blog. Note the comment in point #1 that ‘Each individual voice matters.” Plays exactly to my last blog entry BE SEEN. BE HEARD —Joan)

There can be little question that the person who drew the largest applause at the 2,000+ attendance Happiness and its Causes conference last week in Australia was the Dalai Lama. Interestingly, His Holiness was only one of a luminary line-up of speakers that included Jane Goodall and B. Alan Wallace, among others.

 As you might expect there were a number of standout moments during the conference. Here is a recap of just a few highlights:

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