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Another career phase: Retirement

Dear Readers, Retirement is not a period. Retirement is a comma! Many people go into retirement planning for up until the day they retire. They put a lot of time reviewing the financial aspects of retiring, carefully considering where they will live, and they might make some travel plans. What’s missing? What’s missing is that […]

Good boss, bad boss -Different leadership styles after the fire.

Dear Readers, The wide range of human behavior never ceases to amaze me! BAD BOSS Yesterday I was talking to a someone who works for a large Santa Rosa organization that was severely impacted by the fires. He was complaining about his manager, the new executive director.  The executive director was a fairly new hire […]

A Community in Stress Goes Back to Work After the Sonoma County Fires

Dear Readers, Everywhere I turn, from family to friends, to colleagues and acquaintances, I hear the following complaints and concerns:    * exhaustion  * headaches  * distraction * irritability  * anxiety and fears  * memory problems *  disorientation        * sleeping issues  * eating issues * depression Not surprising that our county’s mental health […]