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Be Seen. Be Heard.

During my years as a career coach, when clients come to me discontented with their current position, a complaint that is surprisingly more frequent than being overworked and underpaid is that of being unseen and unheard. Recently, a woman who works in a financial institution told me that she does not have business cards. Her manager said she doesn’t […]

8 Ways to Be a Better Networker

Next to public speaking, the thing people fear most is NETWORKING and approaching new people at professional events.  And often, even when people make themselves go to these events, they do everything they can to actually avoid making significant professional contacts! Sounds counter-intuitive, but here’s what I’ve found by talking to many, many networking-adverse professionals… Meeting strangers and starting […]

Malignant Manager?

Time and again I have clients come to see me in a bad spot. They have major problems with their manager. And when did it start? Typically it started soon after the reporting relationship began. Sometimes it was a ‘bait and switch’ where they were hired by one person and moved to work with another. Sometimes […]