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The NEW: Robo Interviewing

Dear Readers, Yup, automation technology is ever impacting everything! And now it is having an interesting impact on the job seeking process. For the first time, I’ve heard about a robo interview. A client of mine is a recent college graduate and she’s seeking a position in the environmental consulting field. She’s ecstatic that a […]

Help! My low GPA is holding me back

Dear Coach Joan, OK, I blew it. In college I was more into partying than studying. I was immature and had the wrong priorities. I graduated with a GPA (grade point average) of 2.0 out of 4.0. That means I had a lot of Cs, some Ds and perhaps one B. Fortunately, I was able […]

Launching from college to career – 3 steps to getting started

Dear Coach Joan, It’s now March, 2019 and my college graduation date is this June. Ugh. I now have to transition to the real world. I need to get a J.O.B.! As a humanities major I really don’t know where or how to look for a professional job. Any thoughts and direction are appreciated. Best, […]