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Blind Spots: How They Hold Us Back in Our Careers

A current client of mine is in a very uncomfortable situation in her career. She just received her performance review and it wasn’t what she was expecting. Not at all. She’d been at the company for over two years and had had stellar reviews from her past two managers. And she thought her performance, this time, […]

8 Smart Steps for a Career Transition

1) Define Your Strengths:  It’s important to take some time to identify your key strengths, skills and accomplishments. Especially if you were laid off, it is vital that you recognize that the parting of ways from your last employer is only one small piece of your career history. Take time to enumerate at least three key […]

8 Ways for Women to Gain Power in their Careers!*

Here are eight ways to increase your power and standing as a woman in the workplace: 1. Have your emotional expression match your content. When you are delivering serious, factual information state it with authority, not with a smile. You are not delivering a happy birthday cake; you are delivering serious business information. No need […]