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Juggling job offers and not sure which one to take

Dear Coach Joan, I had an incredibly frustrating six month job search. I followed my wife to Sonoma County for her job opportunity but have had trouble securing a job here myself. Sometimes I’d be asked back for five interviews only to lose out to another candidate. Then I’d make it through two rounds and […]

The job search is a numbers game – Keep going!

Dear Readers, I see a definite  pattern. Having coached hundreds of job searching clients for the last 10+ years I’ve observed a very distinct pattern. I’d  like to make you aware of  it because it could be preventing you from getting to your next great employment situation. When you make the decision to look for […]

Tips for your Career Wisdom Book

  A Career Wisdom Book?   Yes, there is such a thing. I know, because I invented it!   Having worked closely with hundreds of people, getting the inside scoop, and deep insights into many career paths and stories, I am here to report that everyone has good things and bad things happen during their […]