Activating the best of you!

Person A

Person A is a recent college graduate with a degree in engineering. She is advised to get involved with a professional association as a way to make connections to launch her career. She diligently goes online and finds an engineering organization near her and also finds an upcoming program in her area of interest. She enrolls online, pays the $35. event fee and feels good that she is making progress. She drives to the event, signs in and awkwardly heads into the meeting room, and knowing no one, looks to buy a glass of wine ($5) and get some cheese and crackers. She nods hello to a couple of people standing around, then heads to the presentation area. The talk is somewhat interesting and when it’s over she tries to talk to the presenter but there are many people ahead of her so she calls it a night and goes home. Zero leads. Zero connections. And has spent $40 on entry and wine and about $10 on gas. Not a profitable or productive strategy for her job hunt!

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