Activating the best of you!

1. Get together with some former co-workers who you like and trust. Tell them you are moving toward professional re-entry and really want to get your confidence back. Ask them to remind you of your professional skills and your real strengths and capabilities. Takes notes so you can reflect on it all later.  It’s amazing how quickly all that can be forgotten during the years away!

2. Think of 2-3 times in your professional life when you were really proud of your accomplishment; when you did something that had an impact and you played a significant role. Write out each scenario, think back to include specifics so it becomes ‘live’ to you again,  and then list the skills you demonstrated. 

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1. Build bridges.

Start off any meeting or business interaction with what you and the other person/team have as a common goal. Perhaps if you’re both in the same company, you both strive to drive revenue. Start out the meeting with that fact in common. If it is you and your manager, start out with meeting the corporate or department’s goals. And then work toward that goal together in your interaction, despite some differences, start with common ground.

2Show respect and understanding.

Often misunderstandings are based on the other person doubting that you fully understand what their situation, goals and pressures are. Take a moment to think through the other person’s situation and articulate it back to them. Often, just by showing that you ‘get it’ it drives you closer together and helps in the process of working together.

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