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How to make the most of a new job

Dear Readers, Whether it’s your first job fresh out of school, a new job mid-career, or the last position in your career, there are ripe opportunities for you when you are starting a new job. It’s a new beginning and you don’t  need not bring any negative baggage from your past.  You can strategically plan […]

The NEW Retirement – ReVitalment!

Dear Readers, Many of us living in the Sonoma County area are thinking about retirement or  we might already be in the midst of it. Our society has given us images of retirement that I believe are outdated for many of us. They are images of being out of the mainstream, tired, worn and only […]

How to begin a career change

Dear Joan, I’ve been working in banking for over 25 years. I started as a teller right out of high school and am proud to say I’ve had several promotions, and even moved to a new bank for a better position a few years back. At this point I am itchy to try a new […]