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Top 3 Career Resolutions for 2018 – Get Moving Now!

Dear Coach Joan, I have been at the same job, in the same position, for three years. It’s gotten too comfortable,and I’m getting bored. And this year has been a wash for me, like many of us in Sonoma County. Between complacency, perhaps laziness, and then the fire, I’ve gotten next to nothing done toward career […]

Let’s Improve the Hiring Process in 2018!

Dear Readers, There is a lot of bellyaching and complaining about the hiring process. I hear it from both job seekers and from employers. Both sides have problems with the ‘other side’. Yet, both sides are fully justified in their complaints. The chief compliant from job seekers is that they often feel that they are […]

Local Writer’s Fascinating Stories of West Sonoma County

Dear Readers, I’m learning that Sonoma County has a bounty of unique and creative people with unusual career paths and a mix of great talents.One of those is Andrea Granahan, who has been living, writing and working in Sonoma’s west county for decades. She just wrote a truly wild and wonderful book of true stories […]

Holiday parties in these sensitive times

Dear Readers, Last year I wrote about some Do’s and Don’ts for your office holiday parties; including some light-hearted and humorous messages about not dressing ‘sexy’ or drinking too much, not getting stoned or high, or mistakenly thinking you were partying with your friends. But it was written a bit tongue-in-cheek, knowing that there might […]