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Top 3 Career Resolutions for 2018 – Get Moving Now!

Dear Coach Joan,

I have been at the same job, in the same position, for three years. It’s gotten too comfortable,and I’m getting bored. And this year has been a wash for me, like many of us in Sonoma County.

Between complacency, perhaps laziness, and then the fire, I’ve gotten next to nothing done toward career advancement.   I’d really like to get a promotion or a new job 2018,  but I need some direction. Perhaps other readers will find this information helpful,too.

Hoping to be career energized in 2018.




Dear Haley,

You are not alone. Over the years I’ve heard the same sense of feeling stuck quite often.  For many reasons, otherwise ambitious people often find excuses to just keep to a routine and not find ways to make changes or advance. And yes, having the trauma of the fire here in Sonoma County, it’s been a game changer for all of us.   When you just can’t move forward and feel stuck it is  called inertia, and it’s a common, though non-productive, phenomena in career building.

It happens often when one is employed in an OK job, one knows the routine,  and there is very little pressure to make change. But if advancement is desired, it will not happen by sitting still!

So let’s get going in 2018!!!

Here are the top 3 things I suggest you resolve to do in 2018  to create career momentum:

  1. COMMIT TO LEARNING: The world is moving quickly.  If you are an ambitious person you need to keep up. New technologies and new best practices are being discovered all the time. Read up on new developments in your field. Google to learn about the issues, trends and leaders in your industry. Read relevant blogs, new books, listen to TED talks. Get inspired by new ideas!   If you’re not learning and growing you will be falling behind. Talk to your manager, your peers, a professional association in your field, and ask what’s new. If you want to get promoted, talk to your manager. Ask what additional skills and knowledge you need for the next level. Your company might offer training and development programs you can attend on company time for no fee. Look for local college classes online or in person. Perhaps  learn a new language. The world is now global and by learning a new language you open all kinds of possibilities for advancement and new kinds of engagement with your world. By learning something new you will feel energized and excited. Learning opens new doors!
  2. CHRONICLE YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS AND SKILLS: People often fail to document their achievements and new skills. It is vital to capture this information to market yourself. Continually update your resume and LinkedIn profile.  Mention any quantitative results. Also, capture these achievements to share with your manager on a regular basis. Communicate that you are aspirational and working hard to have impact and show how! Ask your manager for new ways to  build skills and apply them. By documenting your accomplishments you will feel energized!!
  3. ACTIVATE AND BUILD YOUR NETWORK:  70% of the time a new job is gotten though one’s personal and professional network! Build a database of all your contacts. Start with the contacts on your LinkedIn profile. Highlight your inner circle of closest and most meaningful career contacts. These include your managers, peers and colleagues who respect you and your work. They are your inner circle for references and it’s vital that you communicate with them regularly and share any new accomplishments or activities. They are often the ones who can notify you of new positions and opportunities. You are a known and positive resource to them. Try to meet with some of the for coffee or lunch. If they are non-local, make sure to send periodic email updates and holiday wishes.  A rule of thumb is to have at least three touch points for each person in your network each year.

Yes, Haley and readers, these three actions as key career building resolutions for 2018 will take you far! Keep me posted on how you’re doing and if you have further questions. Onward to a super year of achievement and career momentum.

Coach Joan

Send any questions to me at:  [email protected]

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