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Your Career Lifecycle – Tradeoffs at Every Stage

Dear Coach Joan, My current job is challenging and rewarding, but the salary and benefits are not good at all. For the first five years (my first job after college)  I was so stimulated by the job as a teacher in a small private school, but now that my husband and I are expecting a […]

Strange Things I’ve Seen as a Career Coach

Dear Coach Joan, I’ve been thinking about your profession and all the situations and experiences you’ve seen with people in their working lives.  I’m wondering if you’ve seen some odd or unpredictable, strange things that have happened to people in their careers.  Anything readers might find interesting and informative? Thank you, Curious in Cotati ——————————————————————————————————- […]

Shall I join a start-up, even with a lower salary?

Dear Coach Joan, I am  28 years old and have been quite successful in commission-based selling for the last 6 yrs. My income has continued to go up each year but I do not like the stress of month-to=month pressure to make my numbers. I also don’t like working weekends and missing time to socialize […]

Three career tips for 2020

Dear Readers, I wish you all a wonderful holiday season and the best of career success as you move into the new year, the new decade of 2020! What is the best I can offer to you for this new beginning?? Here are three tips which most professionals wish they had done all along. Start […]

Laid off! Now what?

Dear Joan, I knew I wanted to leave my job but I thought it’d be on my terms. So when my manager asked me to come to his office the day before Thanksgiving break, I thought it was just for a routine meeting. But NO, I was FIRED!!! Yes, I knew the company was losing […]

Ripple effect in the job search

Dear Readers, I’ve got to share with you updates from a current job seeking client, let’s call her Valerie.  She writes that after an informational meeting at a company she’s very interested in, the individual she met with called to say she was  impressed with Valerie’s background and credentials but sadly, her company doesn’t have […]

Idealist college grad wants to help the world

Dear Coach Joan, Am I the only one who really wants to find meaningful work that is not a part of the consumer, capitalistic, dog eat dog world? I graduated from college with a degree in sociology and I’m very interested in helping people. I have no idea how to get a ‘real job’ and […]

From self employed to working for an organization

Dear Coach Joan, After decades of being self employed and successfully owning and running my own small business I am ready to call it quits. I’d like to move into to a full time management position in an established organization. I look forward to being part of a team and having a regular paycheck and […]

A Winning career tool: The Resume Portfolio

Dear Readers, I’d like to share a winning career tool with you, one  that has helped many  clients become the candidate of choice, even if they didn’t have the most competitive credentials. This tool can differentiate you from other candidates and put you in the lead. It does this by showing that you have put […]

3 Considerations for a mid life career change

Dear Coach Joan, I recently turned 50 and feel like it’s now or never for a mid life career change. I’ve disliked my profession for several years now and have a number of career directions I think would be much more satisfying. But I go around and around in my head with possibilities, then get […]