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How to get a new job: 3 intriguing and inspiring networking stories

Dear Readers, In my  years of being a career coach I have always advocated for networking and spreading one’s net as far and wide as possible. And sometimes this advice has really been taken to heart, and clients have been remarkably creative in their networking efforts. I wanted to share the top 3 stories that […]

4 Ways to Impress at the Interview

Dear Coach Joan, I will finally be having an in-person interview at the company I have wanted to work at for a long time. Naturally, I want to make a great impression and although I’ve done some research and planning, I’d like to know some best strategies for making a great impression. This opportunity means […]

4 ways to advance your career this summer

Dear Readers, As counter intuitive as it might sound, summer is a great time to add sizzle, not only to your barbecue, but to your career! Many people miss out on this fabulous season of opportunity because they think everyone is on vacation. Big mistake. Everyone is not on vacation, but many people are more […]

QUIZ – 5 Easy Steps To Help Your Career Forward

Dear Readers, On this Independence Day Holiday I am reflecting on the underlying strengths of our nation. Our country is built on the lofty values of liberty, justice and freedom. Based on those values, we united and fought hard to win our independence. It was our clear and unifying vision that empowered us forward. In […]