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Anita Hill. She spoke truth to power. I wish I had.

Anita Hill and Coach Joan (Joan Tabb) meeting, 2017 Dear Readers, I had one of the most amazing experiences last week. I had the opportunity to personally meet with Anita Hill for a private talk of about twenty minutes when she was in San Francisco for a speaking engagement. Anita Hill, a lawyer and professor, […]

I have a new job – and I’m lost!

Dear Coach Joan, HELP! I’M LOST!  I am committed to my new  job and was told it would be a challenge. But without guidance and instruction I feel like I am blindfolded and headed for real trouble. The good news is that I’ve landed a very challenging new job with a lot of responsibility, significant compensation […]

3 Steps to Your Ideal Career Niche

Dear Joan, I’m confused. I’ve had 4 jobs in the last 15 years and none of them seem right to me. I’m in my late 30s and I feel there must be a better way for me to spend my working hours. I have a bachelor’s degree and always earned good job reviews, but my […]

Is it time to get a new job?

Dear Coach Joan, I’m running scared. I thought I had the perfect job. I’m in my mid-20s, working full time, and completing my college degree online. I’m in luxury sales for a European car company and have been #1 in sales for almost the last two years.  The job was the perfect fit for me. High end cars have always […]