Activating the best of you!

1. Breathe life into your interview answers: Strategically delve into your past successes and develop stories and interesting anecdotes, with details, to make your capabilities come alive and become memorable.

2. Use props! Bring something real to interviews to get people to remember you. Make it something relevant and appropriate, of course. Examples include: the actual flyer from a conference where you’ve been a presenter, a map highlighting the sales territory you drove in Europe, a photo of the professional association activity where you played a lead role, or as one client creatively did on a job interview for an aeronautical engineering position, he brought in a scaled model of a plane he and his college team built in their extra-curricular activity. The interviewer was intrigued with the model, asked to keep it, and P.S, my client got the job (and the model was finally returned!!).

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