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2 Magic Words for Career Success

Yes, this is an awfully large image, isn’t it? And it really gets your attention.  Good. That’s my intention. Because the two magic words in career success have a lot to do with attention-getting. And I don’t mean the kind of attention you get by wearing bright colors. I mean the kind of attention you get […]

Frustrated, overqualified and unemployed in Sonoma County

Dear Joan, My husband and I moved to Sonoma County six months ago for a great job he got at a major corporation in Santa Rosa. We are both professionals from Europe and now have two lovely sons who have settled well into their charter schools in Santa Rosa. We just love the public school options […]

Holiday Party: Is it OK to dress sexy?

Dear Joan, I am the newbie in the office, a recent college grad, and a trying to decide what to wear to the company holiday party. We tend to dress pretty conservatively in my office,  and do have casual dress Friday, but I’m wondering about the balance between looking festive for the holiday season vs. looking […]

Hillary Clinton – All Eyes on the Glass Ceiling

Post-election all eyes are on the glass ceiling. Many were expecting to see Hillary Clinton head to the Oval Office. But you don’t have to seek the most powerful job on the planet to shatter the glass ceiling. There’s plenty of shattering to do in everyone’s world, whether you’re a woman, a man, a Baby […]