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2 Magic Words for Career Success

Yes, this is an awfully large image, isn’t it?

And it really gets your attention.  Good. That’s my intention.

Because the two magic words in career success have a lot to do with attention-getting.

And I don’t mean the kind of attention you get by wearing bright colors.

I mean the kind of attention you get by the magic of your:


All employers want to know:  What have you done? What kind of contributions have you made? 

Then they can imagine what you can do for them!

I’d like you to reflect on that for a moment.

Whether you are a baby boomer in mid-career, a millennial  applying for your first job, a transitioner intent on moving from one field to another, someone who’s had a gap in their resume, or someone who’s new to town and looking for new employment, your interviewer will have their interest PEAKED when you talk about specific contributions you made in your past,  and the positive impact that had on the organization.


  1. I’m a training manager and under my leadership, my team developed three online classes a year and for four years in a row  the companies’ salesforce increased profitability and efficiencies by over 20% a year.
  2. As a production engineer, my team and I delivered more products on-time with lower failure rate than another of the other teams in the company for the last two years.
  3. As one of seven partners in my law firm I was the proven rain maker. I brought in more than half of the new clients in the last 10 years, year after year.

Your turn:

Please reflect on how you will present your CONTRIBUTIONS and IMPACT. You don’t need to wait until you’re applying for a new job, either. Develop a presentation for  your manager to share at your next one-on-one meeting or at  your next performance review. Let them hear the MAGIC words, CONTRIBUTION and IMPACT and how that applies to what you’ve done, the results you can take credit for. And add quantitative results for maximum power. Plus, identify  and discuss the skills that underly your successful achievement. This will also serve to positively impact your own self confidence. More bonus points for your career success!

Yes, focus on the two magic words for career success:  YOUR CONTRIBUTION & IMPACT.

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