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From Daydream to Reality; Transition requires Research.

Dear Joan, I have just accepted an early retirement package after 25 years of working as an engineer in a high-tech company. I enjoyed my work but always daydreamed of doing outdoor work, immersing myself in nature and playing a role in preserving our environment. I have been a lifelong birder. I am 55 years old, […]

Dealing with a Controlling Manager

Dear Joan, I’m a lawyer and I’ve always loved my work. I’ve been at the same firm for 8 years and was on track toward being partner within the next couple of years. I’ve earned consistently glowing reviews and pride myself in using good, careful judgement in all of my business dealings and I have a robust […]

3 Tips for Recruiting Staff to Your Own New Business

Dear Coach Joan, I left the corporate world 3 years ago to run my own consultancy in the publishing world. I felt that with fifteen years of experience, half of that in management, and a good network of colleagues and clients I could go out on my own. I have some specialized skills and did […]

How to NOT get paranoid during the job search

Dear Coach Joan, Am I the only one getting paranoid during my job search? For the last three months I have sent out over 50 resumes and I have gotten no bites, no interviews. I am applying for jobs I am well qualified for. Should I assume that I have been blacklisted by former employers? […]