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From Daydream to Reality; Transition requires Research.

Dear Joan, I have just accepted an early retirement package after 25 years of working as an engineer in a high-tech company. I enjoyed my work but always daydreamed of doing outdoor work, immersing myself in nature and playing a role in preserving our environment. I have been a lifelong birder. I am 55 years old, […]

Dealing with a Controlling Manager

Dear Joan, I’m a lawyer and I’ve always loved my work. I’ve been at the same firm for 8 years and was on track toward being partner within the next couple of years. I’ve earned consistently glowing reviews and pride myself in using good, careful judgement in all of my business dealings and I have a robust […]

Find Life’s Sweet Spot in the New Retirement

An easy, eight-step guide to self-discovery that lets you make the most of your later years. We are living longer and healthier lives than ever before. Baby Boomers, born between 1946 and 1964, are heading into retirement in droves (about 10,000 a day, in fact). Joan Tabb is on a mission to bring the best […]

In the Me Too Era, Boomer Women Refuse to Retire Invisibly

Not long ago, many women, after the first blush of their youthful beauty and the beyond their child-rearing days, felt their lives no longer had meaning or purpose. Those days are gone. Women now are empowered in their later years and adept at directing their energies and talents in significant ways. They’re living their lives […]

Beyond the Bucket List: 5 Tips for Reinvigorating the Retirement Paradigm

Baby Boomers are heading into retirement in droves. Each day, about 10,000 close the doors to their offices for the last time. But, unlike generations before them, they can now look forward to potentially decades of vital life ahead of them. They represent the healthiest and longest living generation ever—translating to endless prospects for vivacity and […]

Announcing Joan’s New Newspaper Column!

The Santa Rosa Press Democrat, with distribution throughout Sonoma County, has asked Joan to be a columnist focusing on providing career advice to the readership. Her online blog will be called: DEAR COACH JOAN: CAREER ADVICE Readers will be asked to submit their career and job related questions directly to Joan ([email protected])  and in each […]

Intentionalizing Your Life! Perhaps you have time for MORE!

More and more I find clients coming to me after many years of a career that was all consuming but not necessarily all inspiring. And for a myriad of reasons they are now faced with choices to make. Livelihood, though typically important, is sometimes not the only driver in their decision making. Many people are […]

Blind Spots: How They Hold Us Back in Our Careers

A current client of mine is in a very uncomfortable situation in her career. She just received her performance review and it wasn’t what she was expecting. Not at all. She’d been at the company for over two years and had had stellar reviews from her past two managers. And she thought her performance, this time, […]

8 Smart Steps for a Career Transition

1) Define Your Strengths:  It’s important to take some time to identify your key strengths, skills and accomplishments. Especially if you were laid off, it is vital that you recognize that the parting of ways from your last employer is only one small piece of your career history. Take time to enumerate at least three key […]

8 Ways for Women to Gain Power in their Careers!*

Here are eight ways to increase your power and standing as a woman in the workplace: 1. Have your emotional expression match your content. When you are delivering serious, factual information state it with authority, not with a smile. You are not delivering a happy birthday cake; you are delivering serious business information. No need […]