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Annoying Co-Workers. Bad Bosses. And more…

Dear Readers,

In my years as a career coach, I thought I’d heard all conceivable stories about annoying co-workers, bad bosses and poorly performing employees. I thought I heard all variations of incompetence, ineffectiveness and inconsideration. I’ve heard about bosses insisting their employees do all the work and then taking the credit for it,  co-workers giving misinformation to colleagues, and  employees waltzing into the office hours late for weeks at a time.

But my editor tells me that this can’t be so. That in fact, there are fresh, interesting and unique problems here in Sonoma County workplaces that we need to learn about and share. And, now that you have a resident career adviser, Coach Joan,  I feel ready to take on the challenge to suggest possible remedies.

So kindly send me your questions and issues about irksome workplace situations. Once again, they can be about annoying co-workers, bad managers or difficult employees.

I am awaiting your mail.

Kindly send your comments and questions to me at:



Coach Joan

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