Activating the BEST of you!

The Great in 8 Coaching Approach:

Joan developed a unique, proprietary approach that works! It is based on her experience launching and reinventing hundreds of people to new career heights. Naturally, it has 8 aspects!


We ensure that you are fully prepared. self-aware, and that your intentions are aligned with your actions, before you reach out to any contacts or influencers. You often get just one chance to make a great impression!


We build structure, with assignments and deadlines into your process to ensure your forward momentum. We’ve found that ALL clients need and benefit from a structured plan.


We identify and create awareness of your blind spots and provide work-arounds and skills, where necessary. It’s vital to become aware of your knowledge and skill gaps so they can be adequately addressed and not hold you back.


We employ the powerful, research-based principles of positive psychology, based on the work by noted psychology professor Dr. Martin Seligman. We identify and build on your proven capabilities, reinforce and leverage your strengths throughout the coaching process. And a positive, optimistic approach is Joan’s natural and chosen style of coaching!


We include assessments and training on relevant knowledge, strategies and skills you need to gain career perspective, practice and momentum.


We help you work through negative past experiences so they will not jeopardize your career growth and/or bring any unhelpful negative emotions to your future opportunities. Yet, Joan is not a psychologist, and for any serious emotional issues, she will refer you to a mental health professional.

7. BEST PRACTICES IN ADULT LEARNING  (including the 4 quadrant learning process)

This is the teach, practice, feedback loop which is always employed in any skill-based training and role playing. We also only focus on topics and strategies that are relevant to you in reaching your goals.


We create ongoing development plans for you in the areas of lifelong learning and people-network management. To be competitive in today’s world, every successful professional needs to have a disciplined commitment to knowledge, growth and people connections, ongoing.


“Working with Joan has been a transforming experience. I sought out Joan when I was at a crossroads, first to seek career guidance and then to upgrade my self-marketing skills to thrive in today's arena. While working on these relatively concrete objectives, I also evolved into a better manager and worker from the heightened consciousness I developed through Joan's discovery process.

Through Joan's coaching, I now:
• Can clearly articulate my strengths and the value I bring to my current and prospective roles
• Think more strategically about everything, from problem-solving to email communications and conversations
• View my role from a fresh perspective and with renewed vigor, increasing my engagement and performance.

Best yet, Joan helped tailor approaches to suit me: my style, my beliefs and motivations. This allowed me to speak and act authentically immediately, and eventually naturally with practice. Joan is everything I could ask for in a career coach: insightful, inspiring, and most of all, effective."

Supply Chain Development at Hewlett-Packard

“I highly recommend Joan as a strategic partner to anyone who wants to enhance their career. She brings deep expertise in career development and management, as well as the corporate business arena. She is perceptive, insightful, passionate, and focused on making a difference in her client's careers. She is both a coach and a skill builder. Joan helped me with a unique 360 assessment, working closely to give me new insights and strategies. She has helped me chart my career forward. Working with Joan has been an excellent career investment and I will return to her as I move forward.”

Senior Technical Program Manager at VMware

“You showed me how to stop running, how to open my eyes to the people around me, to better understand how I may be perceived and to bring a strategy and intentionality to every interaction with my stakeholders and team. As a result, I saw significant improvement in my focus and efficiency and in turn, my teams are motivated and show improved performance. You have that rare ability to listen and see things that were right in front of me all along.”

Finance Executive, Selligent

“Coaches can be an incredibly powerful element in taking your career to new and exciting heights, and I can say with great confidence that Joan can be this catalyst in your career as she was in mine.”

Associate Visual Designer at Benjamin & Bond