Activating the BEST of you!

“Joan worked with me to advance my career to the next level. She was great from the initial meeting where she helped craft a plan based on what I wanted to achieve, how to ensure I covered every base to get there and finally to make sure I negotiated the best possible package for myself.
Joan is very intuitive, has a great ability to see through the unimportant ” noise” quickly which means you get results fast. I really liked her high energy and unbridled optimism no matter what the seemingly unsurpassable obstacles were on the way to achieving success. She has an innate ability to empower you forward!”

Peter Burnett

Senior Account Manager at Oracle

“I wholeheartedly recommend Joan as a career management coach. She has practical and effective methods to help clients advance in their career. In my case, I went to Joan to help me close business. I knew I needed more insight, awareness and skills to develop more effective and persuasive communication skills. Joan very quickly helped me to identify and address my issues. Immediately following our work I had a much more successful interview! Joan is meant for this work; she has a tremendous ability to help people figure out what it is that really motivates them, and drives them to build on their strengths and activate their passion! She is compassionate and really “gets” it without requiring a lot of explanation and rehashing.”

Kamran Rafii

Associate Director, ZS Pharma

“If you’re in a career transition, the best thing you can do is hire a career coach. Once you make that decision, I have two words for you: Joan Tabb. Joan has been an absolute goldmine of information and inspiration for me. Because I’ve always been extremely right brained, she has provided the all-important left brain activity that I sorely lack. Not only did I leave each of our coaching sessions pumped up and excited about the possibilities awaiting me in the job market, but I had very concrete assignments to help me achieve my career goals. Joan would not let me stagnate, but instead pushed me gently forward, encouraging me to venture out of my comfort zone. I cannot recommend Joan’s Great in 8 Coaching program highly enough.”

Mark Hoehner

Visual Designer, User Experience at Restoration Hardware

“Coaches can be an incredibly powerful element in taking your career to new and exciting heights, and I can say with great confidence that Joan can be this catalyst in your career as she was in mine. She taught me not to just be intelligent, but to be distinctive and to bring intention into all of my actions and interactions. She is incredibly perceptive and helped me to identify my unique combination of strengths and how to bring them to the forefront. Joan coached me to wisely translate my career story and platform into powerful tools and impactful conversations with influencers and employers. Working with Joan is an investment that will hold good for your entire career and lifetime. Simply what she taught me about negotiations paid for itself many times over! It doesn’t matter where you sit in your career, if you are ready to put in the work, Joan will help steer you in the right direction. Get ready to level up.”

Kevin Lufkin

Associate Visual Designer at Benjamin & Bond

“It is rare to come across a talent like Joan! She has the unique ability to know just when to bolster your sense of personal empowerment and confidence throughout the roller coaster ride of a new career search. She applies her practical real life professional experience to mapping out your career search development plan and keeps you on track every step of the way. I found her to be instrumental in assisting me to successfully and confidently bring out the best possible version of myself. I could not recommend Joan more highly!”

Kerri Mesa

Logistics Project Manager at HGST, Inc.

“Joan is the quintessential can-do, exuberant professional with whom anyone would want to work. Joan spoke at a daylong career transition conference I hosted, and her presentation was over-subscribed, although attendees had multiple tracks from which to choose. She was prepared, well organized, thoughtful, and empathetic to her audience’s interests and needs. I highly recommend working with Joan!”

Johanna Wise

CEO, Career Transition Expert Empowering Professionals to Find Work They Love

“Joan’s coaching is spot on. I hired Joan to maximize my impact at the top level of organizations. In the first consultation alone, she was able to identify the critical gaps between where I am and where I want to go. The techniques she recommended and modeled had an immediate effect on how I was perceived by C-Level Executives, opening me to new opportunities to advance my career and objectives. Joan brings a wealth of experience and insight, evidenced by the creative approaches she brings to her executive coaching. She has an uncanny way of motivating and giving just the right advice at the right moment. I highly recommend Joan as a strategic partner for those motivated to take control of their career development.”

Ryan Withop

Sr. Manager Analytics Electronic Arts (EA)

“When I first started working with Joan I was in between jobs and my job hunt was going nowhere. Although I had success early on in my career, I was confused about my future direction, and it was weighing heavily on my personal happiness. Fortunately, I was recommended to work with Joan. She got to know me by asking probing questions that helped me define my professional self. Joan helped rebuild my mindset and focused my energies in a positive, structured and accountable way. I knew where I wanted to go and Joan helped me get there every step of the way. Joan is so much more than a career advisor, she is a life coach. She goes way beyond just the tweaking of your resume or editing a cover letter. Joan develops a customized and personalized approach to build the knowledge and skills you need to succeed, not only in your employment, but also in your life. Her positivity is infectious and she instills that mindset into you. I am now a stronger person and stronger employee because of the new insights and skills I have gained, thanks to Joan. I highly recommend Joan to anyone who is looking to move forward in their career! She is an amazing person! Her coaching helped me redirect my work experiences into the career I have wanted my whole life, even when I wasn’t aware of it. She helped me grab the bull by the horns and I know will do the same for you. Some people are just perfectly suited for their profession, and Joan is one of those people. She is an absolutely passionate and inspiring coach. Thank you, Joan!!”

Alex Kane

Outbound Sales Manager at Revel Systems iPad POS

“I highly recommend Joan as a strategic partner to anyone who wants to enhance their career. She brings deep expertise in career development and management, as well as the corporate business arena. She is perceptive, insightful, passionate, and focused on making a difference in her client’s careers. She is both a coach and a skill builder. Joan helped me with a unique 360 assessment, working closely to give me new insights and strategies. She has helped me chart my career forward. Working with Joan has been an excellent career investment and I will return to her as I move forward.”

Anita Kapadia, PMP

Senior Technical Program Manager at VMware

“Working with Joan has been a transforming experience. I sought out Joan when I was at a crossroads, first to seek career guidance and then to upgrade my self-marketing skills to thrive in today’s arena. While working on these relatively concrete objectives, I also evolved into a better manager and worker from the heightened consciousness I developed through Joan’s discovery process.

Through Joan’s coaching, I now:

• Can clearly articulate my strengths and the value I bring to my current and prospective roles
• Think more strategically about everything, from problem-solving to email communications and conversations
• View my role from a fresh perspective and with renewed vigor, increasing my engagement and performance.

Best yet, Joan helped tailor approaches to suit me: my style, my beliefs and motivations. This allowed me to speak and act authentically immediately, and eventually naturally with practice. Joan is everything I could ask for in a career coach: insightful, inspiring, and most of all, effective.”

Irene Suzuki

Supply Chain Development at Hewlett-Packard

“After building a successful 10+ year career in executive and corporate communications which culminated in a recent role acting as strategic communications advisor to c-suite executives at a Fortune 14 company, I suddenly found myself out of work. Blindsided by the corporate-wide restructuring that hit my business unit, I was initially ill-prepared to fully assess my options and leverage the goodwill and executive relationships that I had so carefully built within the company to my advantage.

Thank goodness I found Joan, following a recommendation from a colleague who successfully transitioned into her dream job after benefitting from Joan’s coaching and leadership development expertise…As my executive coach, Joan helped me recover from the initial disappointment and frustration I experienced, coached me on how to review and negotiate my options to potentially stay with the company from a position of strength, and ultimately, helped me gracefully disengage from the company with executive and co-worker relationships intact. She also brought me to a better “state of mind” over my job loss experience, which speeded me through the transition at a time when I needed the strength to support my need to attack the job market with renewed confidence and focus.

My only regret is that it had to take a job loss to get me to hire Joan as an executive coach—I should’ve hired her sooner!

Joan not only helped me re-examine the road I’ve traveled and how I got to this critical juncture in my career, but more importantly, she’s made me more aware of my strengths and vulnerabilities within today’s corporate environment. Thanks to her, I’m in a better position to use this transition as an unique leadership development opportunity—with the goal of developing more effective networking and relationship-building strategies to better enhance and advance both my career AND personal life.

I would highly recommend Joan as an executive coach for any mid-to-senior level professional who is at a critical career juncture…Joan operates as a true partner—she’ll keep you “on your toes” and share with you proven leadership development strategies that will better help you maintain your “A game” while navigating the complex and challenging professional relationships that increasingly reflect today’s highly complex and competitive corporate environs.”

Laura Zobkiw

Executive/Corporate/Employee Communications Professional

“Change is sometimes thrust upon us and after seven years at Stanford University as an undergrad, a grad student, and staff member in the office of Sustainability, my life was moving. My partner had a fantastic opportunity and we were heading to St. Louis. This was great news for him but for me meant the challenge of finding a new job in a new place, and I didn’t know how or where to start.

When I saw Joan give an incredibly insightful, intelligent and motivational career development talk to the Women in Cleantech professional association I got a very strong sense that she was just what I needed, a personal career coach! Joan was much more than I could have imagined; a coach, a mentor, a trainer, a marketeer and all exquisitely focused on my unique set of strengths, passions, blind spots, ambitions and anxieties. I knew I was with a real pro when she probed, asked, formulated, formatted and helped me build a quite ambitious plan with just the seasoned and experienced finesse I needed to be efficient and effective.

Joan worked with me to develop strategic skills on positioning myself, identifying and targeting the right markets and perhaps most wisely, how to do outreach to leverage my current connections to find new ones in my prospective new town. She was there to coach me on any and all communications and planning for each interview situation. It was terrific having a seasoned and expert partner in the process.

Each step of the way Joan provided solid feedback, accountability, new creative ideas and always, always, the most positive support and encouragement.

I not only landed my dream job in my new geography but now have the skills to make successful career moves in the future, too. Joan doesn’t just give you the fish, she gives you a powerful fishing line with compelling lessons on the art and science of career building.

I do hope to return to Joan later in my career to take advantage of her executive coaching skills!”

Heather Benz

Environmental Scientist

“During my time engaging with Joan Tabb when I was at Cisco Systems, I experienced her world class program development, management and coaching skills. Joan goes very quickly from thought and strategy to action and results!

I observed Joan’s leadership skills when she initiated and developed a community employment program to help people in our community get back to work during the economic downturn. The program was intelligently designed to connect the well employed with job seekers in the same industry. It led to many successful outcomes, and along the way Joan organized seminars and led training programs on positioning, interviewing and provided extensive networking opportunities within the community. Joan is both a strategic program builder and a most effective trainer and one on one coach. Joan would be an asset to any organization or corporation that is looking for a smart, dynamic, creative leader.”

Jay Strauss

Market Director at Automated Financial Systems, Inc. (AFS)

“Joan was an invaluable asset on my first real job search. Coming straight from graduate school she helped me prepare for and navigate through a very new and difficult process. My confidence going into job interviews was always highest after just a single phone call with her. Joan brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her work, in addition to a desire to really get to know her clients and teach them the complexities of career building. In addition to being a great career coach Joan is a creative, amazing and fun person to work with! I plan to turn to Joan at key points in my career ahead.”

Benjamin Wagner

Senior Economist at Compass Lexicon

“I highly recommend Joan as a career coach. She did a great job helping me to identify my strengths and key accomplishments and then put it all together into a concise and compelling story. Joan was also a constant cheerleader through the highs and lows of the job search process and was very helpful at keeping me on track with my outreach week after week.”

Stephen Bronstein

SVP IT & Strategy at Fuze

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Joan since the beginning of my career, when she hired me as an intern at 3Com. Over the past 20+ years, she’s been an amazing friend and mentor. She actively listens, seeks to understand my perspective and the other variables at play, then provides keen insight and actionable advice. Her guidance is especially powerful, given it is based on a combination of personal experience and theory. I highly recommend Joan to anyone looking for that additional boost to drive his/her career forward with purpose.”

Sue Coakley

Marketing Leader, Customer Acquisition & Retention

“I came to Joan as I was entering the decision-making phase of my first full-time job search out of college.

Taking into consideration my past experiences, education, values, and preferences, Joan not only helped me elucidate a long-term career plan, but was also excellent in assisting me with aligning my goals and ambitions with the relative choices in front of me at the time I was deciding on my first job offers.

Augmented only by her powerful combination of people skills and business business expertise, Joan’s practice of genuinely empowering the client is a significant asset. Based on my experience and her stellar reputation and track record, I’d suggest that if you want expert coaching, Joan’s the one to see!”

Tasmin Singh

Mobile Developer Evangelist | Flurry Mobile Analytics at Flurry from Yahoo

“Joan was referred to me when I found my company was closing operations and I would need to find new employment, and fast. I hadn’t needed to interview for several years, and I engaged with Joan to assist me with interview preparation. She helped me think about how to position myself and respond to the tough interview questions that I hadn’t needed to think about in such a long time. I was able to get several on-site interviews, leave good impressions, and land a great job shortly after working with her. I highly recommend her services.”

Dan Kallman

Senior Product Manager at Veeva Systems

“I found Joan to be a wonderful and knowledgeable speaker, presenting in an engaging and interactive style. She presented to the Project Managment Institute Silicon Valley Career Management group all that she promised in her talk, “Eight Strategies Toward Career Advancement”. Joan provided stimulating ideas and challenges to action! She clearly demonstrated her expertise in career coaching and developing leadership and communication skills. Joan really connected with the audience, listened and responded fully to all questions, and provided an evening of real value to the group. I highly recommend Joan to organizations looking for a great speaker on the topic of career development and coaching.”

Kuntal Thakore, PMP, CSM

PMP certified Technical Project Manager

“Most recommendations of Joan Tabb focus on how she SEES a client and ACTIVATES them to pursue their various missions in life. This is true for me since I have used Joan’s services as a client. I also have seen Joan develop a concept from the ground up: to identify the need, measure available resources and activate new concepts into reality. She brings a sense of style and a global view along with her intense focus and immediate feedback. When you absolutely need a fresh approach, Joan will prepare you or your team for the challenges and opportunities you face. Her clients get incredible clarity on who they are and how to align themselves for success through their own actions. Joan’s value add in the field of career development and management, leveraging her 20+ corporate leadership career and creativity, is fresh, unique and highly effective.”

John Duhring

Vice President of Marketing at Cogswell Polytechnical College

“Leveraging off Joan’s marketing expertise, she was able to wisely position and differentiate me for the job market. I never would have known how to brand myself given my disparate background and varying strengths and capabilities. She helped me integrate and communicate what I bring to the employment arena in a strong way. I feel I am a much more confident and compelling candidate as a result. I plan to return to Joan and Great in 8 Coaching for professional coaching as my career journey continues. You’d be fortunate to leverage off Joan’s corporate leadership and powerful coaching capabilities, too!”

Russell S. Ricci

SALES PROFESSIONAL -Specialist in Building Long-Term Relationships and Increasing Bottom Line

“Joan is masterful at career empowerment. She brings tremendous insight, knowledge and dedication to her work and focuses, laser-like, on YOU. Joan is amazing, and I’ve returned to her at several career crossroads. I’ve recommended three people to her, and they have all benefitted tremendously. You definitely want a career partner with Joan’s passion and energy—she is a motivating force, indeed!!”

Michelle Baccigalupi


“Joan is a fantastic career coach that will work with you until you achieve the career results you are looking for. She has a very positive can-do attitude, expert knowledge in recruiting/interviewing/negotiating, and most importantly, truly cares for her client’s success.

I hired Joan in the summer of 2010 because I wasn’t getting through to the later rounds of the interview process. Joan helped me realize my strengths, create a framework around my answers, and project myself in a professional and confident manner. Within three sessions of working with Joan I was offered the job of my dreams in consulting and was able to negotiate a 12.5% raise in my starting salary. I know I could not have done this without her help and I will continue to work with her in the future to guide my career!”

Jason Scott Miller

Enterprise SaaS Sales & Customer Success

“Joan is an incredibly intuitive career coach. She is personable, highly knowledgeable and to the point. Her insights are meaningful and well directed and I found her assistance to be fantastically helpful.”

Wendy Golden

Global Retail Marketing Project Manager, Apple