Activating the BEST of you!

What we do and how we do it.

Why go it alone when you can have an experienced expert by your side guiding you for career and life transitions?

The core offering of Great in 8 Coaching is individual one-on-one career and life transition empowerment. Whether you are looking to launch or advance in your career or are ready to build your NEW Retirement which Joan calls ReVitalment (filled with vitality), you have found your experienced Coach. Joan LOVES this work and loves to empower you forward for fulfillment and purpose.

The Great in 8 Coaching programs typically runs between three to six months, with weekly then bi-weekly meetings and email and phone support throughout. Skill building programs can be just a few sessions. Clients are initially given assignments to assess skills, strengths, values, interests, goals and blind spots or specific challenges. Then a program is mapped out with plan of action typically involving skill-building, research, new positioning, informational interviewing and network development. Joan is your guide, trainer and mentor throughout. The program is an investment in long-term career development or New Retirement, ReVitalment, and you always leave with both a robust inner toolbox with new insights and self awareness, and a robust outer toolbox of new knowledge, strategies and skills that will serve you throughout your life.

The program requires an investment of time and resources, and an openness to learning, exploring and doing the assignment. Whether you are a job seeker, in transition or aspirational, you will benefit from learning how to strategically manage and develop your career and your life ahead.

Joan serves as your mentor and expert guide.

Joan Tabb is about adding intentionality to your career path and your life—from the inside out. Joan will help you decode your career and life path DNA and how we structure it into the context of your life.

You will learn how to build clear goals and the steps to achieving those goals.

Why use a coach? Bill Gates and Eric Schmidt

Both leaders strongly encourage everyone to have a coach for feedback, insight and continual improvement. In fact, more and more companies are investing in coaches for their employees at all levels of the organization. Coaching is a powerful investment!

The Great in 8 Career Coaching Program

The Great in 8 Program is always customized to your individual needs and goals.

Using a proven methodology, it runs three to six months with weekly or bi-weekly meetings (face to face, phone or Skype) with discussion and training, assignments, skill practice and review. You have a true partner with Joan.

We customize the program to YOU so session lengths and numbers may vary. Phone and email support are provided throughout with the program. We are focused on your career development and your specific needs and goals.

Your Great in 8 Coaching and training program includes a copy of Joan’s book, Great in 8: Job Seeking Skills, a set of Confidence Cards, and a Great in 8 Coaching folder with additional career tools customized for you. If you are getting coached for your NEW Retirement or ReVitalment, you get a copy of Building Blocks for the NEW Retirement: An easy, interactive 8-step guide for a retirement with meaning, purpose and fun by Joan Tabb.

Specific Skill Building Services

Get an expert by your side to quickly get the insights, resources and skills you need to build your career momentum. Standing still means falling behind. Career fitness means ongoing development and lifelong learning. Great in 8 Coaching helps you identify blind spots and challenges that are impediments to your career development. We focus on quickly getting you up to speed. This can be as few as a couple of sessions a several month long program focused on:

Skill based services and training:

• Preparing powerful positioning and tools for the job search
• Dynamic Interviewing
• Expert presentation and communication skills (for any/all situations)
• Powerful negotiating skills
• Proven time management
• Strategic ways to manage your manager
• Powerful influence skills
• Building your reputation and impact for promotion
• Developing your professional network
• Dynamic networking skills
• Leadership development

Executive Coaching

Corporate leaders turn to Joan for help with issues that are common to managing and influencing in a complex corporate and political context.

Those in leadership need a listening and thinking partner with objectivity. They are looking for support, guidance and objective, fresh approaches. They benefit tremendously with someone to help clarify issues, define goals and find solutions to meet them. Joan uses her corporate experiences, unusual intuition and creativity to help executives realize their full potential and address the challenges they face.

Executives often look for advanced skill building as well in the areas of:

• Team building
• Facilitating group processes
• Leadership skills
• Dynamic interviewing
• Motivating and active employee development
• Influence skills
• Managing in a complex environment
• Managing across cultures and age groups
• Managing difficult employees

Organizational Consulting—Building Self-Aware, High Performing Individuals & Powerful Teams

Corporations retain Joan to empower employees through coaching and training to improve their effectiveness; their communications skills, their ability to better collaborate, rejuvenate relationships and improve employee and manager communication. Employee coaching builds morale, increases retention, and activates the enthusiasm, talents, and commitment of individuals and teams. It adds up to improved organizational effectiveness.

Joan always starts with working one­-on-­one with each member of the team. The strategy is to first identify—and then leverage—the strengths and style of each member of the team. We then work to re-energize the team with training on how to leverage and collaborate to bring out the best of the group. Each member—and the team as a whole—emerges with more insight and skill, increased fulfillment and effectiveness.


“I highly recommend Joan to anyone who is looking to move forward in their career! She is an amazing person! Her coaching helped me redirect my work experiences into the career I have wanted my whole life, even when I wasn't aware of it. She helped me grab the bull by the horns and I know will do the same for you. Some people are just perfectly suited for their profession, and Joan is one of those people. She is an absolutely passionate and inspiring coach. Thank you, Joan!!”

Outbound Sales Manager at Revel Systems iPad POS

“ I closed the first major sale for my company as a result of training with Joan. I only wish I had used her services earlier in my career!”

Ph.D., CEO

" I engaged Joan's services as an executive coach when I began contemplating a major career transition; leaving a senior executive position of over 15 yrs. I am pleased that I was referred to Joan to guide me in the process and realize that I made an excellent investment in hiring her. To Joan, this kind of transition was familiar territory but to me it was daunting. Joan's expertise helped me process and navigate the transition with awareness and deep intentionality; tuning into myself while carefully moving forward. Joan guided me in constructing a powerful life plan that allowed me to clarifiy where I wanted to go next and helped me to move forward with diligence and integrity, identifying and positioning my capabilities and reaching out to find where they would best fit.

Once I landed my new opportunity, I continued working with Joan but this time as a leadership coach to ensure a successful transition to my new very different and exciting role. And I have worked with Joan for more than a year and I am a better person and professional for it.

Joan is an excellent sounding board and she consistently blends what she learned about me with her experience and intuition to help me navigate the intricate dynamics of working with many different stakeholders from different backgrounds while managing and motivating teams of smart people.

Joan taught me to always bring a strategy and intentionality to every interaction with my stakeholders and team. As a result, I saw significant improvement in my focus and efficiency and in turn, people around me are more motivated and I have seen overall improved performance.

I am less self-centered and learned to enjoy asking people for input and support, resulting in me being better informed and smoother at execution and team work.

Joan opened my eyes to my blind spots and she earned my two thumbs up!"