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BOOK REVIEW– “Building Blocks for the New Retirement: An Easy, Interactive 8-Step Guide for a Retirement with Meaning, Purpose and Fun” by Joan Tabb

An interactive, step-by-step guide that helps those on the brink of retirement chart a course to a purposeful and meaningful next stage of life.

If leaving the stability of a regular 9-to-5 job causes you anxiety over potentially facing a lack of purpose, Joan Tabb’s new book, Building Blocks for the New Retirement, will calm your fears and give you an action plan to make the most out of your newfound freedom. She helps you sort through the myriad of choices available for filling your time in ways that are exciting, suited to your skill set and potentially beneficial to you and others.

Tabb’s eight steps to a meaningful retirement take you through an introspective process that allows you to analyze your essential self. It asks what you can do to take good care of your physical health, what unfinished business you may now want to resolve in your relationships, where to find ways to give back or build a legacy and what new roles you’re ready to now explore.

As you work your way through the workbook-style booklet, you’re prompted to consider fundamental aspects of your true self that you may have put aside through because of your career. With the answers you provide in these “Your Turn” sections, you begin to hone in on your purpose until by the end of the book, you’ve devised your personal roadmap for a rich, vibrant future.