Activating the BEST of you!

At Great in 8 Coaching, we team with you to dramatically improve your performance by decoding your personal “career DNA” and then structuring an accountability-­based process to get you on the path to career success, on your terms, in your way.

We activate the process by developing deep awareness and insights.

We build on your strengths, and help you re­visit assumptions, choices and interpretations. We wisely mitigate weaknesses or blind spots. We position you favorably against your competition. And we work with you to envision the best intent, and then build strategies and programs to move forward toward that intention.

Our goal is advancement and success;—on your terms, in your way—much faster and more direct with Joan as your guide. Joan brings objectivity, rich experience, and a keen set of eyes and ears, all focused on seeing and developing you and/or your company.

Who Are You?

Most people will see themselves in at least one of the following categories, however, each person’s situation is unique with its own issues, challenges and requirements. Take a look at the descriptions below. Can you see yourself?

Unemployed Professional—Finding a New Job Now
You were laid off, terminated or left your job for other reasons and you’re seeking new employment. Your goal is to get a good job and have those paychecks rolling in as soon as possible. Your coach, a value-add investment, must empower you to do what it takes to make it happen now. You need an effective plan of action, a workable structure, moral support, and someone to keep you focused, feeling strong, and on track! You may need help with developing ‘wow’ positioning and winning interview preparation, creative ways to find new opportunities and more ‘gems’ from a coach who’s re-launched many job seekers to new employment, even in a fiercely competitive market.

Transitioner—Returning to Work or Seeking a Better Fit 
As a Transitioner, you’ve taken a career break and there’s a gap in your work history. Perhaps you’ve been raising a family, taking care of a parent or loved one, traveling, studying, or recovering from an illness. While you were away, you changed and the world of work changed, too. No matter the reason, reentering today’s new workplace can feel overwhelming and scary, but you don’t have to tackle this alone. Joan can help you refocus, prepare, and compete. And, if you aren’t sure what you can or want to do, Joan’s Great in 8 Coaching can help you discover your current strengths, skills, interests and purpose while empowering you to move forward with confidence and vitality.

Recent Grad—Launching with Your New Degree
You’ve recently graduated with your new degree or credential and you’re ready to launch or re-launch your professional career. If you just completed your undergrad degree you need to translate college success into career success. With a new credential you need to update your value-add positioning and find appropriate opportunities. If you already have an employer, you must reposition yourself but, if the opportunity for change doesn’t exist with your current employer, you will need to make a change. In any case, you’ve worked hard to earn your credential and develop your valuable new skills. It’s time for your debut!

Career Changer and ‘Intentionalized’ Work Life Plan
Whether or not you’re employed, you see bluer skies on the horizon. You’re done with the status quo and highly motivated to move forward, make a change, and transition into a new and more fulfilling career. You can feel it in your bones although you might not know exactly what you want to do or where and how to do it. There may be something you’ve always yearned to do, a talent you’ve wanted to use, another side of you to express—once and for all. Perhaps you no longer have the same pressures to earn as you did in prior years. Let’s put a career exploration and discovery process into high gear for you! You might even want to re-invent yourself with an ‘intentionalized ‘career path that includes both volunteer and paid work. You might have retired from one profession and you’re ready to establish a more creative way to work and live, combining your personal passions, interests and ways to give-back to the community. This is your time to create your work life your way!

Aspirational—Advancing Your Career 
As an Aspirational, you’re in the right career track  but you want to gain speed, momentum and move forward—you are in the ready position! Maybe a new opportunity has come your way and you realize you need some new skills to truly embrace it. You feel itchy and want a promotion, a salary increase, more responsibility, or to sell your employer on your brilliant new idea. Perhaps you want to explore a new life/work balance or put an avocation into center stage. You might have a sticky situation with a manager or colleague that you’re not sure how to handle. Perhaps you’re called to become a company spokesperson and need to learn public speaking. What’s more, Aspirationals can be entrepreneurs that need help with their own businesses. You need a plan and the professional insight of an experienced career coach to help you develop and grow. Employees or entrepreneurs, Aspirationals are motivated, ready and able to do what it takes to attain their goals. They just need the right coach to lead and mentor them to the next level of success!

Executive Coaching—Continual Development
As a corporate leader you can turn to Joan for help with issues that are common to executives in strategic roles for their organization. Those in leadership need a thinking partner for support and guidance, and someone who has an objective and experienced eye and ear who can help to define goals and issues, and explore solutions to meet them. Smart leaders are lifelong learners in continual development. Joan has worked extensively as a strategic coach with executives and executive teams for start-ups to Fortune 500. She uses her corporate experience, coaching skills, and creativity to help executives realize their full potential and to develop an action plan to address the challenges they face including: Goal identification and setting, career transition and personal changes, interpersonal and professional communication, presentation skills for both content and delivery, performance management, organizational effectiveness, developing executive presence, enhancing strategic thinking, dealing effectively with conflict, building effective teams and managing, coaching and developing employees.



ReVitalment is the most recent topic that clients requested from Joan. Many are discovering they are facing a new life stage due to retirement, divorce, career change, empty nest and other life changing events. They are looking for a new beginning, to clear the slate and approach their lives anew. Joan has researched this topic for three years and interviewed over 100 people and the result is her new book, Building Blocks for the NEW Retirement: An 8 step guide for a later life of meaning, purpose and fun. Learn about it in the Joan’s Books section.

You are also encouraged to consider live Revitalment workshops where Joan leads small groups in reflecting on their lives, considering the key areas to consider for a full and vital life ahead and developing a unique action plan to move forward with. The face to face sharing and exchange with others is invaluable and fun!

Learn about the Great in 8 Approach!


“Working with Joan has been a transforming experience. I sought out Joan when I was at a crossroads, first to seek career guidance and then to upgrade my self-marketing skills to thrive in today's arena. While working on these relatively concrete objectives, I also evolved into a better manager and worker from the heightened consciousness I developed through Joan's discovery process.

Through Joan's coaching, I now:
• Can clearly articulate my strengths and the value I bring to my current and prospective roles
• Think more strategically about everything, from problem-solving to email communications and conversations
• View my role from a fresh perspective and with renewed vigor, increasing my engagement and performance.

Best yet, Joan helped tailor approaches to suit me: my style, my beliefs and motivations. This allowed me to speak and act authentically immediately, and eventually naturally with practice. Joan is everything I could ask for in a career coach: insightful, inspiring, and most of all, effective."

Supply Chain Development at Hewlett-Packard

“I highly recommend Joan as a strategic partner to anyone who wants to enhance their career. She brings deep expertise in career development and management, as well as the corporate business arena. She is perceptive, insightful, passionate, and focused on making a difference in her client's careers. She is both a coach and a skill builder. Joan helped me with a unique 360 assessment, working closely to give me new insights and strategies. She has helped me chart my career forward. Working with Joan has been an excellent career investment and I will return to her as I move forward.”

Senior Technical Program Manager at VMware

“You showed me how to stop running, how to open my eyes to the people around me, to better understand how I may be perceived and to bring a strategy and intentionality to every interaction with my stakeholders and team. As a result, I saw significant improvement in my focus and efficiency and in turn, my teams are motivated and show improved performance. You have that rare ability to listen and see things that were right in front of me all along.”

Finance Executive, Selligent

“Coaches can be an incredibly powerful element in taking your career to new and exciting heights, and I can say with great confidence that Joan can be this catalyst in your career as she was in mine.”

Associate Visual Designer at Benjamin & Bond